Four Reasons You Should Choose Barefoot Remedies Massage and Wellness:

  1. I cater every session to your individual needs.  At Barefoot Remedies you get more than just a massage, you get a customized wellness treatment.  My philosophy is to properly assess my clients’ needs and determine if their session time needs to be focused on stress relief, emotional unwinding, or addressing specific tension patterns.  And unlike many massage businesses where you pay for an hour and get 50 minutes, Barefoot Remedies ALWAYS delivers the full session length.

  2. I provide massage and wellness services that are not available elsewhere in the Cedar Valley.  Among these services are: The L’Bri Pure~n~Natural Facial Treatment or “Fassage” (similar to a spa facial but without the steam therapy or extractions done by estheticians), Nutritional and Detox services, Chinese Acu-cupping, Traditional Thai massage and finally…

  3. Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Therapy.  I am very proud to be the first therapist in the area to provide this awesome and effective deep tissue massage.  It’s one of the firmest deep tissue massages available but, to be clear, DOES NOT HAVE TO BE DEEP and is NOT PAINFUL in any way.  It is somewhat difficult to introduce something new to a community.  For this reason, I want to emphasize that even though this technique is applied with the use of my feet, it is still customized to suit your needs.  Ashiatsu simply provides me, the therapist, with the leverage required to provide more pressure when requested.  With the help of gravity, assisted by the weight of my body, I simply change my center of gravity to provide more or less pressure as needed.  It is the perfect deep tissue massage for athletes, bodybuilders, or veteran massage enthusiasts who feel they just can’t find a massage that’s firm enough.

  4. I have been in the massage and wellness business for nearly twenty years so clearly a passion exists within me.  My desire is to give something to my community that I have been blessed with personally and that is abundant health.  True health does not come without work and commitment but it’s achievable within a partnership.  My goal is to partner with my clients and teach them that total health is within reach for all of us.  “The ‘I’ in illness is isolation, and the crucial letters in wellness are ‘we’.”  ~Author Unknown