Ashiatsu Deep Tissue

This is one of the firmest deep tissue massages available. The therapist employs the use of her feet and the strength of her lower body to apply this highly effective deep muscle therapy. This massage is different from other deep tissue therapies because the contact is broad and firm.


Hot Stone Massage

The ultimate in heat therapy indulgence! Smooth, heated, basalt stones are strategically placed throughout the body to create deep relaxation and increased circulation.  


Chinese Acu-cupping

Often used by acupuncturists, these special glass suction cups can be used many different ways. I usually use them as a trigger point tool to address those persistent tension areas that don’t respond to other techniques. 


Table Thai

Modified from the traditional Thai massage which is done on the floor, this version is done on the table & allows the therapist to utilize the leverage of her own body to achieve a deep, relaxing full body stretch. It is often referred to as passive yoga.


Aromatherapy Massage

This soothing massage is designed to detoxify, relax and purify the system using a series of seven specific essential oils. *Essential oils can be added to any treatment for an additional $5.