Standard relaxation massage consisting of slow, soothing strokes, customized to suit your needs and pressure preference. Good for stress relief and overall well being.


Prenatal Massage

This massage is designed for the hardest working woman in the world, the mom-to-be. Pregnancy is a demanding time in a woman’s life and she deserves to be pampered in a way that is specific to her body’s changing needs.  


Infant Massage

Baby’s turn! For moms who work with me during their pregnancies, I offer this as an adjunct to the prenatal. Learn how to help soothe him through sleeplessness, colic and just to make him feel warm and safe. *Ask me about Doula Services    



A treat for the feet! Specific reflex points on the hands and feet are manipulated to create a relaxation response throughout the entire body. Includes aromatherapy foot bath, salt scrub and paraffin dip.