Hello and welcome to Barefoot Remedies Massage and Wellness.


I want to invite you to let go of your previously held notions about pain; what causes it, what resolves it, and how to prevent it. Pain is an output of the brain. Always! And your brain is neuroplastic which means it’s ever-changing. That’s great news for those of us in pain because it means we don’t have to suffer indefinitely. Pain is not merely a physical experience. It is equally psychological as well as social. Therefore, I work WITH my clients not ON them. Together, we will interact with your nervous system to modulate (change) your experience of pain. The field of modern pain science has changed my life forever. I believe it can do the same for you.

Barefoot Remedies is one of only two providers of Ashiatsu Barefoot Therapy in the Madison area. As with traditional manual therapy, barefoot therapy is customized to suit your personal pressure, focus and pain relief needs. But here at Barefoot Remedies you’ll receive what’s called Ashi-fusion, a combination of manual and barefoot techniques. It is a truly unique bodywork experience that is much better experienced than explained.

So whether you need pain relief, stress relief, laughter therapy or just an hour to tune out the demands of life, I’m here for you. Call today!


Thank you for you business.

Erin C Norin, LMT